Saturday 18 Nov, 2023

Starting at 9:00am

The Social Hub Vienna

Nordbahnstraße 47 1020 Vienna

First time at MeasureCamp?

Let us give you an great overview:

Starting first – what is MeasureCamp?
MeasureCamp is an unconference. The schedule is decided on the day and speakers are fellow attendees. Everyone is encouraged to discuss and participate in sessions, even lead them. You focus on what YOU find most interesting and useful for yourself.

Peter O’Neill is the founder of MeasureCamp. The very first MeasureCamp was held Sat 22nd Sept 2012 in London. There were approximately 120 attendees. Meanwhile there are MeasureCamps all over the world – in Europe like Munich, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Helsinki, Bratislava, Warsaw… and now also in Austria. But MeasureCamps happens all over the world, even in North America, Dubai, Istanbul…

MeaureCamp is free to attend, but you must be willing to give up a Saturday to do so.

It follows the barcamp format where anyone can run a session, whether a presentation, discussion, workshop, or anything else. Sessions can be technical or business or just fun and aimed at beginners or experts in the community.

Sounds good, but how does the schedule go? Is it all day?
The event typically starts at 9 AM and lasts until 5 PM. After 5 PM, an after-party usually happens at the same venue or a nearby bar. It all depends on the organizers and can be a little bit different in each country.

When you arrive there, you will be welcomed by the organizers and volunteers who will check your ticket, give you a badge or some welcome swag and let you in. Once you are in, you will be welcomed by friendly faces, great vibes, coffee and breakfast.

After breakfast, around 10-10:30 AM, the welcome presentation happens, done by the organizers, followed by the first session of the day – “The board session.” The board session is where all the participants can use a session card, fill it out with the details of their presentation / workshop / group chat, and place it on the board. The board will generally have room names and time slots.

Session Board at MeasureCamp London (2016)

After the board session, you will see the board filled with the day’s talks, and you can start deciding which to attend.

If you don’t like the talk or if you want to see something else perhaps that happens at the same hour, you can freely move around rooms. Of course, if it does happen that you do not like a talk, just leave politely.

I want to do a presentation – what is a session card?
Behold is an example of a session card:

Example Session Card

You can use the session card to add the presentation title, your name, and a short, ideally exciting description of your talk. You want people to come to it, so make sure you make the session card as attractive as possible. Choose the level of expertise required for people to attend it, the style of it and the type of subject.

You can fill out the session card directly at the event or just before. Find the download link for your session card here.

Tipp: Don’t be afraid to do your own session and don’t be scared of being maybe nervous about it. Everyone will be there cheering for you. So go for it, and have a great time. The more you give to the community, the more you get back.

But no pressure, just attend the event and let you inspire there. 🧡

Some hints at the end?

Enjoy the day and the sessions.

Try to network as much as possible.

If you are giving up your Saturday to hang out with a bunch of nerds, you are one of us, too, and we are excited to get to know you. So, don’t be afraid to say “hi”, ask questions, and, most importantly – have fun.


If you are traveling and arriving from Friday, there will always be Friday night drinks, so keep in touch with the organizers about what’s happening.

After the event on Saturday, after the after-party, everyone will go to a bar and continue the fun. So make sure you keep your ears out for that, it’s always so much fun.

Have a fantastic time!

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